The Marquise de Bassano rooms

At the Marquise de Bassano, we propose rooms with a contrasting decor and lush comfort, each different from the other. Go ahead and click: You will also find a price that fits your needs.

You may also choose one of our package deals to add variety to your stay.

Our house is like a book, each room a chapter. And each has its own history. Which chapter would you like to read? The choice is yours.

The Field of Feathers

This room was meant for heavy sleepers. There are two beds: a huge King Size Victorian- style baldaquin (193x202 cm); and a comfortable single bed (97x189cm).

The Cranny

Charming. A joyous little room with a double bed (135x189cm). Happy and peaceful. Hardwood floor.

Le champ de plumes

A haven of calm. The bed is a big Queen size (152 x 202 cm).

The Library

Romantic. Packed with books. The double canopy bed (135x189cm) is straight out of a fairy tale.

This top-floor bedroom has the sloping ceilings of the Paris student quarter. Drenched in sun in the afternoon, it has a large Queen-size bed (152x202cm).