The one thing worth getting up for!

Good Morning!

Home baked every morning

Mimosa eggs


Yougourt &
Field Berries

Fresh Fruit



du Jour

Sliced Ham

Fresh Fruit Oasis
Choice of Cereals


 Wake up to the appealing aroma of our home baked croissants and chocolate bread...

Follow your nose downstairs.

"À table..."

It's Breakfast time!



 Standing up,in front of the table,

 your five senses are trying to cope

with an abnormal high amount of stimuli,

but you realize that you are in front of

a unique opportunity.

This morning,

at this very moment

deep down inside of you,

you feel that you can finally Be.

You can let yourself  Be a  n  d Be.

Suddenly your left hemisphere of the brain wakes up. An unanswered (still to this day) question

arises from your mind:

''How in the world did the two words Break and Fast ended up in the same word?''

These two are longlasting antonyms!





Nothing to worry about,

let's start the day with a much easier question: 

''Would you like a coffee or a tea?'' 

Followed by

Home baked croissants fresh from our oven

Fresh fruit daintily presented

 Cold cuts and Cheese

 Eggs in various ways - Tomorrow is another day  Yogurt and an amusing variety of cereals

  Bread for toast, Muffins,

Orange juice, Milk and...

Did I mention Tea and Coffee? Oh, and Hot Chocolate for the little ones :) 

 Bon Appétit les amis!

 Let's Be and Be...


At the Very heart of Old Quebec city,

your hosts for the past 25 years and friends to Be,


Véronyc & Francis

pause dej.jpg
The answer?

 BREAKFAST literally means to break the fasting period of the prior night


COVID:  Our pocedures are adjusted daily following the protocols established by local authorities 

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